We are proud to announce two new formulae!

How do I install these formulae?

To install these formulae, first tap our Homebrew tap:

brew tap coatl-dev/coatl-dev

And then, for ignition-edge@8.1.2:

brew install ignition-edge@8.1.2

Or for ignition@8.1.2:

brew install ignition@8.1.2

Or with one single command.

For ignition-edge@8.1.2:

brew install coatl-dev/coatl-dev/ignition-edge@8.1.2

Or for ignition@8.1.2:

brew install coatl-dev/coatl-dev/ignition@8.1.2

How do I start the Ignition Gateway?

Warning: Please make sure you don’t have another Ignition Gateway running on port 8088. If you do, please stop it by running ignition@X.X.X stop or ignition-edge@X.X.X stop if you’ve installed from our Tap, or ignition stop if you’ve installed it directly from Inductive Automation.

Once installed, open a new Terminal window and run the following command:

ignition-edge@8.1.2 start


ignition@8.1.2 start

Once the Service starts, you can go to http://localhost:8088/ to provision your Gateway.

How do I start Ignition automatically at login?

Run the following command:

brew services start coatl-dev/coatl-dev/ignition-edge@8.1.2


brew services start coatl-dev/coatl-dev/ignition@8.1.2


If you run into any issue, feel free to post something at our Discussions.