We are announcing that ignition-api-stubs 8.1.24 will be the last release officially supporting Python 3.6. Starting with version 8.1.25 our stubs package can be installed using Python 3.7 through 3.10.

Why drop Python 3.6 while we still support Python 2.7?

We understand this may sound odd considering we are actively supporting Python 2.7, but we are planning on reducing technical debt on the tools we rely for running our tests; specifically tox.

Why not Python 3.11?

Since we run mypy against Python 2 codebase we must depend on mypy[python2]==0.971. This particular version (the last to support Python 2) depends on typed_ast, which fails to install on Python 3.11. For more details, please read typed_ast#179.

The path forward

We strongly suggest our users to switch to Python 3.10 at their convenience, but rest assured we will continue supporting Python 3.7 until further notice.

Thanks for reading.